Question: What Is A DbContext?

What all operations could be done using DbContext instance?

You can use a DbContext associated to a model to:Write and execute queries.Materialize query results as entity objects.Track changes that are made to those objects.Persist object changes back on the database.Bind objects in memory to UI controls..

What is the difference between Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL?

LINQ to SQL allow you to query and modify SQL Server database by using LINQ syntax. Entity framework is a great ORM shipped by Microsoft which allow you to query and modify RDBMS like SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL etc. It cannot generate database from model. …

What is unit work pattern?

Unit of Work is the concept related to the effective implementation of the repository pattern. non-generic repository pattern, generic repository pattern. Unit of Work is referred to as a single transaction that involves multiple operations of insert/update/delete and so on.

Should I dispose DbContext?

Don’t dispose DbContext objects. Although the DbContext implements IDisposable , you shouldn’t manually dispose it, nor should you wrap it in a using statement. DbContext manages its own lifetime; when your data access request is completed, DbContext will automatically close the database connection for you.

How do I disable proxy entity?

Proxy creation can be disabled by using the ProxyCreationEnabled flag. In the following example I have put it in the constructor of the context. We can also disable creation of a proxy at the time of object creation of the context instead of disabling it at the constructor of the context.

What is use of Entity Framework in MVC?

Entity framework is an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework that offers an automated mechanism to developers for storing and accessing the data in the database. This tutorial covers the features of Entity Framework using Code First approach.

What is DbContext and DbSet?

Intuitively, a DbContext corresponds to your database (or a collection of tables and views in your database) whereas a DbSet corresponds to a table or view in your database. So it makes perfect sense that you will get a combination of both!

Does DbContext inherit ObjectContext?

DbContext is conceptually similar to ObjectContext. DbContext is nothing but a ObjectContext wrapper, we can say it is a lightweight alternative to the ObjectContext. DbContext can be used for DataBase first, code first and model first development. DbContext mainly contains a set of APIs that are very easy to use.

What is DbSet MVC?

DbSet in Entity Framework 6. The DbSet class represents an entity set that can be used for create, read, update, and delete operations. The context class (derived from DbContext ) must include the DbSet type properties for the entities which map to database tables and views.

What is DbContext in .NET core?

A DbContext instance represents a session with the database and can be used to query and save instances of your entities. DbContext is a combination of the Unit Of Work and Repository patterns.

Why do we use Entity Framework?

Entity Framework is an ORM and ORMs are aimed to increase the developer’s productivity by reducing the redundant task of persisting the data used in the applications. Entity Framework can generate the necessary database commands for reading or writing data in the database and execute them for you.

Should DbContext be Singleton?

Because it may be accessed by multiple threads concurrently, it should be thread-safe. … The DbContext is not thread safe so you should not use a singleton DbContext in an ASP.NET web app. A thread per request is created and you’ll start getting exceptions as soon as multiple users begin using your application.

What is DbSet C#?

A DbSet represents the collection of all entities in the context, or that can be queried from the database, of a given type. DbSet objects are created from a DbContext using the DbContext. Set method.

What is DbContext in MVC?

DbContext in Entity Framework 6. … DbContext is an important class in Entity Framework API. It is a bridge between your domain or entity classes and the database. DbContext is the primary class that is responsible for interacting with the database.

Is DbContext thread safe?

DbContext is not thread-safe You must never access your DbContext -derived instance from multiple threads simultaneously. … In a multi-threaded application, you must create and use a separate instance of your DbContext -derived class in each thread.

What is TEntity in C#?

TEntity is a generic type parameter, not a concrete type. … T is a type parameter, which means that it does not represent a specific type. As the programmer, you have to instruct the compiler to use a specific type to use, rather than the generic type T , by providing a type argument.

Is EF thread safe?

More that one thread operating on a single Entity Framework context is not thread safe. … As long as each thread of execution has its own instance of EF context you will be fine. In your example, you may call that code from any number of threads concurrently and each will be happily working with its own context.

What is lazy loading in Entity Framework?

Lazy loading is the process whereby an entity or collection of entities is automatically loaded from the database the first time that a property referring to the entity/entities is accessed. Lazy loading means delaying the loading of related data, until you specifically request for it.