Question: Who Invented Multimedia?

What multimedia means?

Defining Multimedia Multimedia is the use of a computer to present and combine text, graphics, audio, and video with links and tools that let the user navigate, interact, create, and communicate..

What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet?

Advantages of Internet:Source of Information: It is the best source of a variety of information. … Source of Entertainment: … Keep Informed: … Online Shopping: … A Waste of Time: … Not Safe Place for Children: … Privacy Exposure: … Money Frauds:More items…•

How Multimedia is useful in office?

Multimedia, such as mobile marketing, livecasting and podcasting, photo, video and file sharing, can spread the word about your company and help build brand awareness in a very unique and powerful way. This particular type of social media also has the ability to go viral quickly.

What is image in multimedia?

An image consists of a rectangular array of dots called pixels. The size of the image is specified in terms of width X height, in numbers of the pixels. The physical size of the image, in inches or centimeters, depends on the resolution of the device on which the image is displayed.

When did Multimedia begin?

1960sIn fact, the word “multimedia” (or “multi-media,” as it was first spelled) had been around since at least the 1960s, describing various manifestations of avant-garde theater, mixed-media, performance art, installation, and other uncategorizable forms involving video, film, and electronic music.

What are the advantages of multimedia?

5 benefits of multimedia learningDeeper understanding.Improved problem solving. Source: Unsplash. A large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing. … Increased positive emotions. Source: Unsplash. … Access to a vast variety of information. Source: Unsplash. … World exploration.

What is the function of multimedia?

Multimedia plays an important role in today’s society because it is society now all are the things is keep up with the times. The multimedia is a good way for communication because that can easy to communicate and understand what they say. After that, multimedia has animation, music, video and more of this.

What are the two types of multimedia?

5 Basic Types Of MultimediaText. Text is seen as probably one of the most frequently combined mediums in the colorful world of multimedia. … Audio Files. Audio files are a collection of sounds that can be added and combined with all other types of media in a multitude of ways. … Images and Photographs. … Video Material. … Animation.

Which software is used for multimedia?

Top Essential Adobe Applications for MultimediaI. Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a professional quality graphic art program. … II. Adobe Photoshop. … III. Adobe Flash. … IV. Adobe Aftereffect. … V. Adobe Premiere.

What are the 5 components of multimedia?

The Five Multimedia ElementsEdit. Text, image, audio, video, and animation are the five multimedia elements. The first multimedia element is text. Text is the most common multimedia element.

What is multimedia example?

Whenever text, audio, still images, animation, video and interactivity are combined together, the result is multimedia. Slides, for example, are multimedia as they combine text and images, and sometimes video and other types.

What are the consequences of multimedia?

Multimedia has a positive impact on cognitive achievement, academic achievement, comprehension and application. The current study is an attempt to support the previous studies in using the experimental method in studying variables.

What are the major components of multimedia?

Components of MultimediaText: It is the primary component of multimedia. … Graphic: A digital representation of non-text information such as drawing, photographs etc are known as graphics. … Audio: Audio is one of the important components of multimedia. … Video: The effective medium for presenting information is video.More items…

What are the 6 Major uses of multimedia?

Importance of Multimedia in Various FieldsUse of Multimedia in Advertising Industry. … Use of Multimedia in Education. … Use of Multimedia in Mass Media and Journalism. … Use of Multimedia in Gaming Industry. … Use of Multimedia in Science and Technology. … Use of Multimedia in Pre-Production. … Use of Multimedia in Post Production.More items…•

What are the advantages and disadvantages of multimedia?

DisadvantagesProduction of multimedia is more expensive than others because it is made up of more than one medium.Production of multimedia requires an electronic device, which may be relatively expensive.Multimedia requires electricity to run, which adds to the cost of its use.

What are multimedia tools?

These are typically the elements or the building blocks of or generalized multimedia environments, platforms, or integrating tools. The basic types can be described as follows : Text, Graphics , Audio, Animation, Video, Graphic Objects (see: Computer graphics and visualization).

What are the features of multimedia?

A Multimedia system has four basic characteristics:Multimedia systems must be computer controlled. Multimedia systems are integrated. The information they handle must be represented digitally. The interface to the final presentation of media is usually interactive.

How is multimedia used in education?

In education, multimedia application is used to provide computer based training courses and reference books such as encyclopedia. … Multimedia applications are used by teachers and lecturers to convey information such as lecture slides, assessment materials and others learning resources.