Quick Answer: What Is Future Use?

Is future a tense?

The future tense is a verb tense used for a future activity or a future state of being.

For example: I will jump in the lake..

How do you use future in a sentence?

Future sentence examplesWhat a future that will be! … Her life was on a new course now, and the future looked brighter than it ever had. … People overwhelmingly believed the future would be better, and they were right! … I looked my lovely future wife in the eye. … In the future, we will all have it.More items…

What is immediate future?

Immediate Future Tense: The Immediate Future Tense describes what is going to happen soon. • Future Tense: The Future Tense describes what will happen eventually.

What can I say instead of the future?

What is another word for in the future?henceforthhereafterinto the futurein the course of timeafterwardslaterthereafterafterwardnexton18 more rows

How do you say near future?

in the near future / synonymsin the foreseeable future. phr.soon. adv.in the very near future. phr.for the foreseeable future. phr.anytime soon. phr.in the immediate future. phr.shortly. adv.before long. phr. & adv.More items…

How do you say in the future?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR IN THE FUTUREaccordingly.as a deduction.away.consequently.ergo.forward.from here.from now on.More items…

Do something today your future self will thank you for?

– Sean Patrick Flanery. We all know that our future depends on what we do to our present. And to craft your future, you have to work hard today. …

What are the four future tenses?

There are four future verb tenses in English.Simple future tense.Future continuous tense.Future perfect tense.Future perfect continuous tense.

Will and shall sentences examples?

The train will leave at 9.40 pm. He will be back in a day or two….Shall can be used with second and third person pronouns to express a command.You shall not lie. (= You are commanded not to lie.)She shall obey my orders. (= She is commanded to obey my orders.)He shall go at once. (= He is commanded to go at once.)

What is future tense and its examples?

The simple future tense is used when an action is promised/thought to occur in the future. Example: We shall move to another city. He will come to New York tomorrow.

What do you mean by future?

1a : time that is to come. b : what is going to happen. 2 : an expectation of advancement or progressive development. 3 : something (such as a bulk commodity) bought for future acceptance or sold for future delivery —usually used in pluralgrain futures. 4a : the future tense of a language.

What do you say about the future?

More videos on YouTube#1 – It will/could happen any minute/day now. … #2 – It’s just/right around the corner. … #3 – We’re planning to move in the near future. … #4 – It will/won’t happen in our lifetime. … #5 – It’s a sign/taste of things to come. … #6 – I’m counting the days until…More items…