What Happens When TPS Ends?

Can you join the military with TPS?

If you join the military, you will immediately qualify for U.S.


To enlist under MAVNI, a person must speak a needed language or have a needed medical skill.

The enlistee must have been here legally for at least two years and be an asylee, refugee, have TPS or be in one of many nonimmigrant categories..

Can TPS holders apply for green card?

TPS does not provide beneficiaries with a separate path to lawful permanent residence (a green card) or citizenship. However, a TPS recipient who otherwise is eligible for permanent residence may apply for that status.

Can you still apply for TPS?

You can apply for TPS for the first time during an extension of your country’s TPS designation period. If you qualify to file your initial TPS application late, you must still independently meet all the TPS eligibility requirements listed in the Eligibility section above.

What will happen to TPS holders?

4. What would happen if TPS ended or was not extended for certain countries? TPS recipients who aren’t eligible for other relief would lose their ability to work legally in the U.S., placing them at risk of being deported back to dangerous conditions in their home countries.

What happens if TPS is not renewed?

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is not guaranteed to last forever. If the U.S. government decides it’s okay for you to return to your home country, it can end your TPS. Without TPS, you will have to leave the United States unless you have, or can get, some other legal immigration status or permission to stay.

Can I apply for TPS after the deadline?

USCIS may accept the late re-registration TPS application if you have good cause for filing after the re-registration period for your country ends. Even if USCIS accepts your late re-registration, processing may be delayed and can lead to gaps in your work authorization.

Does TPS expire?

Federal officials are required to announce 60 days before any TPS designation expires whether it will be extended. Without a decision, it automatically extends six months. … DHS also publishes numbers for each country of how many people were ever granted TPS, minus those who have become naturalized U.S. citizens.

How do you get green card if you have TPS?

Some TPS holders may apply for the Legal Permanent Residency (Green card) in the United States, as they are eligible to receive “Advanced Parole” or “permission to travel” which allows them to lawfully re-enter the U.S. Once the TPS beneficiary is “paroled” into the U.S., they may apply for adjustment of status in the …

Can someone with TPS adjust status?

TPS holders with a legal entry can “adjust status” in the United States through an “immediate relative,” a U.S. spouse or child (who is 21 or older). Many TPS holders have children within 4-5 years of 21, if not much closer or at that age.

How long does it take for TPS to get approved?

The answer depends on the nature of the emergency situation in your country and the length of time for which DHS designates your native country TPS-eligible. The initial period provided is not less than six months and not more than 18 months, but DHS can extend this time if country conditions warrant it.

How do I get a TPS?

How to Apply for TPS?Step 1: File the TPS form. To start the registration for TPS, you must file Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status. … Step 2: Attach supporting documents and evidence. … Step 3: Submit your application. … Step 4: Biometrics Collection. … Step 5: USCIS makes a decision.

When should I renew my Haitian TPS?

To maintain TPS, you must have filed to re-register during one or more of the 60-day re-registration periods that ran from Jan. 18 through March 19, 2018; May 24 through July 24, 2017; or Aug. 25 through Oct. 26, 2015, and been approved, or have an application that remains pending.